aged 24 Years DJ Nordic makes a Diploma as Acoustician for Livingroom-Technology by the german DHFI-Institute in Berlin & Düsseldorf ( additionally internships in the Klingklang Studios in Düsseldorf)As manager and consultant in a high-end high-fidelity studio, he came into contact with all high-quality manufacturers of Sound-Components and was able to expand his interest in music.As a resident DJ, he spent many years in Hamburg clubs.He is now a semi-professional DJ and producer and lives in Rhineland-Palatinate.he works with Pioneer DDJ 1000 , DDJ XP 1, XDJ 700,, Rhode Procaster, KRK Ronit 5 Studio-Monitor Boxes, Pioneer HDJ X7 Headphone, and Virtual DJ-Software,
from 2004 to 2018 the DJ Nordic Project published its own works. Several non- vocal tracks were created in partnership with Matthias T. In 2005 Trish Healson from Switzerland and Sarah B. supported the music portfolio with their fantastic POP and rock voices as well as trance voices. Leftie Bertschinger also gave some tracks their very own style with his extraordinary electric guitar sound.
availible in all major online Music-exchanges !